Our Mission

WHAT: A once-weekly collaborative art/education program with residents at a mobile home community ages 3-15.  The focus is to create an inspiring, encouraging atmosphere of teamwork and possibility using collaborative art projects as a medium.  Basic exercises in reading and writing will be integrated each week as a part of the collaborative art project.

WHY: Because as a community we believe that as followers of Jesus we are called to renew our mind and to refresh our imaginations.  We are to begin dreaming of ways to do good in the same ways we once dreamt of ways to do evil.  We believe that because of our relationship with Jesus we have something that’s worth sharing…namely, hope, a sense of possibility, a loving, encouraging community that reminds us that our lives can be more than we ever assumed when we were handed them.  We believe that following in Jesus' footsteps means incarnating ourselves into the lives of those who may not be valued in this world, giving ourselves in relationship.  We believe that as we move toward others that may be different from us, learning to love and serve them, WE are changed into the image of Jesus more and more.