Friday, June 25, 2010

It has begun!

It's good to be back in the Village.

As we gathered last night to reflect thankfully on a crazy and energizing evening , I was struck by how different this all feels than last year. As we talked and prayed, it became clear that the main reason is that we know people. Lots of people. We can walk around and greet folks by name, asking about things in their lives, their kids, their jobs, and they do the same to us. Last weekend we showed up to take a couple kids to get ice cream and we wound up walking about 10 of them to McDonald's (after we and a bunch of their parents pooled all our available cash)! The difficult, patient work of building relationships, of becoming friends and neighbors, is happening. And it's great.

We talked this week about the idea of community and connection. As we gathered on Monday evening for our "family night", we looked at a number of Biblical passages that speak about the reality of our connection in Jesus - the fact that when we're re-created in Him, when we come to Jesus in faith, we're born again into a new family: the family of those who know and love God. The reality of our connectedness is something we can experience both positively and negatively, it's something we can embrace or avoid, but it's something we CAN'T escape. Paul calls that idea as silly as a foot saying to the rest of the body to which it's connected, "I'm not a part of you!"

So we're dedicating our summer to living into this reality with joy. And we're going to be learning from and with our neighbors how to be community, how to be family, well. We thank you for joining with us by your interest and your prayers.

Love to you in Jesus.

ps. See pics from last night via the links in the post below!

First Event

The first week of The Village Art Project started out with Bang! or a Splat! Splatter Paint that is. Before the event, the adults painted a VERY large canvas black, created a frame, and mounted the canvas onto the frame. Then the older group of kids (ages 7-16) got to use all kinds of paint, spray paint, brushes, spoons, silk flowers, etc to splatter the paint onto the canvas. Lots of fun and it turned out great!

Next we went over the rules and then announced the theme of this summer's project: CREATE Community. We will be discussing 6 keys to create an awesome, thriving community by the acronym CREATE: Celebration, Respect, Empathy, Action, Time, and including Everyone. Next week we will talk about Celebration and of course do art related to that theme!

The second project was to experiment with pastels on a small 4X6 canvas, using colors and shapes to describe themselves. After they were able to create, we sat around in a circle while all the kids got a chance to explain their art and receive positive feedback from the group. These canvases will be used later in a different project.

The third project was Paper Making! Tearing up bits of different kinds of paper, cotton, tissue paper...dumping that into a blender with lots of water and pureeing....adding bits of "flare" (glitter, dried flowers, string)...pouring it all into large bins of water....and using window screens to lift new paper out of the water!! The kids will use this paper in a future project as well.

The younger age group (ages 3-6) began creating all kinds of shapes, animals, etc using colorful pipe cleaners. Next, they used Play-do and finished up the night with bubbles and a snack!

Check out our photos from last night's Village Art Project:

Stay tuned for next week!

Monday, June 14, 2010

Coming Soon!

The Village Art Project starts Thursday, June 24th at 6:30pm at the Mobile Home Village Manager's Office.

We welcome ages 3-16 every Thursday, 6:30-8:30pm.

There will snacks, prizes, and opportunities to create amazing things and have fun! We can't wait!